Sault Ste. Marie Conservation Authority

Go to the website listed below:

1. Click explore a Conservation Area Near You:

What is the featured conservation area?

2. Click on Drinking Water Source Protection on the right side of the page.

List 5 reasons that water is important:

Where does Sault Ste. Marie get our water (click the link and read the pamplet).

Describe what happened in Walkerton.

3. Click on Watershed Management.

What is a watershed?

What is watershed management?

4. Click on Watershed Stewardship - I am the source

What does stewardship mean (you may have to look elsewhere to find the answer)

Where does drinking water usually come from?

What is the Clean Water Act?

Go to Think Green:

What are the four R’s?

List five things that you could do to follow the four R’s:

Fill in the scrambled words for the Just for kids section:

Click on did you know:

List 4 facts that you did not know:

5. Click on Recreation

What are the 5 conservation areas around the Sault?

Choose 1 describe it.

6. Click on Wetlands:

List 6 reasons why wetlands are important:

What are the four different types of wetlands? Describe each.

Click on wetlands in water shed context.
Explain how all the wetlands are connected.

7. Click on Rivers News.

Describe the history of the St. Mary’s River.

8. Click on Flood Forecasting. - Fort Creek

Briefly describe the how the Fort Creek Dam is beneficial to Sault Ste. Marie.