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Unit A Human Health

0.0 Introductory activities


1.0 We are the Guardians of Earth’s Spheres

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1.1 Components of soil, water and air
1.2 Effects of human activity on soil, water and air
1.3 Common methods of sampling soil, water and air quality over time
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2.0 Maintaining Healthy Ecosystems

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2.1 Cycling of substances in ecosystem
2.2 How carbon footprints measure the impact of human activities on the environment
2.3 How human activity affects ecosystems
2.4 Invasive Species – Effects, Monitoring, and Control

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3.0 Environmental Effects on Humans

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3.1 Common environmental factors
3.2 How environmental contaminants enter the body
3.3 How the human body reacts to environmental factors
3.4 Medical and non-medical ways to protect yourself from environmental factors
3.5 Personal hygiene and household cleanliness

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Unit B Energy Conservation in the Workplace

4.0 Using Energy in our Lives

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4.1 Renewable and non-renewable energy sources
4.2 The costs and benefits of using energy sources
4.3 Conserving energy

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5.0 Building Safer, Energy Efficient Buildings

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5.1 Creating a safe working environment
5.2 Hazards in the workplace
5.3 Building energy efficient buildings

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Unit C Natural Resource Science and Management

6.0 Healthy Ecosystems

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6.1 The importance of biodiversity to the sustainability of life within an ecosystem
6.2 Monitoring biodiversity

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7.0 Using Natural Resources with Sustainable Practices

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7.1 Canada’s natural resources
7.2 Methods for using Canada’s natural resources
7.3 Monitoring consumption of Canada’s natural resources

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Culminating Activities


Additional Ecological and Environmental Science Activities

Including those pertaining specifically to SVN3M.

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