Fort Creek Ecosystem Lab Chart

(Could be adapted to your own location)


Tertiary Consumer


Primary Consumer


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Fort Creek Ecosystem Lab

During our field to Fort Creek, fill in the chart on the next page as observe the ecosystem. Write animals side by side in the chart so that you can make a food web afterwards.

Once you return to answer the following questions.

I. If you do not have a minimum of 25 organisms on your chart. Think of animals that you might see at other times if you were walking through Fort Creek and add them to your chart.

II. Start adding arrows on your chart to create series of food chains (food web). (10 marks)

III. Define biotic (1 mark):
IV. Define abiotic (1 mark):

V. What are three different biotic components of the ecosystem at Fort Creek.
(3 marks)

VI. What are three different abiotic components of the ecosystem at Fort Creek.
(3 marks)

VII. List any reasons that might have been a problem for finding many organisms during our study at Fort Creek. (2 marks)

What could you do to fix the problems listed in question 7. (2 marks)