Create a poster and report which MUST include the following information:

Subject: When researching your plant or animal attempt to identify the species by:

Common name of your species (i.e. Black-tailed Prairie Dog)
Scientific name of your species (i.e.Cynomys ludovicianus)
Nickname (if found)

Description: Provide a description of the species you have researched. Supply as much information as possible.

What is the classification of your species?

What does the species look like?
What does the species eat?
Describe their breeding habits.

Environment: Describe the environment that the species lives best in, including:

Climate, plant types, other biotic influences, abiotic influences, etc.

Problems: Describe why the species has become endangered. Has there been a loss or change in the environment, has there been a loss of food supply, is the species hunted or cultivated for food or for it’s value or has it declined because of disease. There can be many reasons for a species to become endangered, some created and some because of a break-down in their life cycle.

Solutions: What steps have been taken to protect the species. Have plans been made to improve the environment of the species or have they been moved to another environment. Are there breeding programs in place to increase population. Do you know of any organizations that have assisted in improving the environment of the species.

Summary: Describe why you decided to study this particular Endangered Species. Add any items that you may have learned that haven’t been included in other areas.

References: Include any references from books, videos, magazines, computer, etc.

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