Community Submitted Resources

Ideas that work for SVN3M too!

1. Global warming

2. The BC Salmon Crisis

3. World Science Community's Warning to Humanity, 1992
Signed warning outlining how humanity is on a collision course with humanity in key environmental areas, such as air, water, pollution, population, and stressing the need for drastic changes if the world is to continue to exist as we know it. Thanks to Virginia Dawe.

4. Climate Change Assessment

5. Endangered Species Project Worksheet (Monica Dvorak)

6. Power Up Video Game- An online, FREE interactive VIDEO GAME (key for the 3E kiddies) that explores engineering, biodiversity, sustainable power production -includes teacher guide with LESSONS (Amy Price)

7. A collection of SVN3E slideshows. More coming.

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Thanks for your ideas. Especially with the connections to SVN3M