Activity 1.3 Comparing Air Quality Across Canada (Ontario)
1. Go to:

2. Go to:
Today’s Air Quality__
3. Record the AQI for one rural and one urban town/city in Ontario below:

Name of Rural Place

AQI Today:(date)



Name of Urban Place

AQI Today:_(date)



4. Go to: Historical Data
Go to: Historical Air Quality Index (AQI) Data
5. Under “Select a Location:” and the year 2007, find the AQI for the same date as today for both your chosen urban and rural locations in Ontario and record them:

Name of Rural Place

AQI in 2007:(date)



Name of Urban Place

AQI in 2007:_(date)



6. Go back to: Air Quality Ontario
Click on tree icon: About Air Quality
Answer the question: “What is the Air Quality Index?” and include the pollutants it measures:

7. Go Back To: Air Quality Ontario
Click on: Today’s Air Quality
Click on: Newmarket
Record the following info:





Health Effects:

8. For Newmarket, click on: Today’s Current Pollutant Concentrations
Record the following information:





9. What is the address of Newmarket’s station?
10. Click on: “Summary of Pollutant Concentrations for all Stations”
Which station(s) had the lowest PM2.5 concentration?
Which station(s) had the highest PM2.5 concentration?

Why do you think this difference exists?