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Sampling and Monitoring Soil Quality - soil sampling determines soil quality, and can highlight pollution problems
Sampling and Monitoring Soil Quality - these activities illustrate soils and soil sampling
  • Soil - a large collection of information and activities involving soil sampling
Sampling and Monitoring Soil Quality - gathering and measuring soils for quality testing

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Sampling and Monitoring Water Quality - drinking water, as well as natural water supplies like lakes and rivers, must be tested for safety and environmental hazards

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Sampling and Monitoring Air Quality - indoor and outdoor air quality is important to Canadians' health, and the overall health of our environment

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Activity 1.3: Air Quality in Canada - poor air quality can affect human health, as well as having numerous impacts on the environment.

Community Submitted Resources

1. Soil Testing Activity

Information for soil testing activity.

2. Comparing Air Quality Across Canada (Ontario)

A great activity for this section and can be done in the computer lab. Thanks for this idea and making a page for the information.

3. Citizens Watch - possible STSE project

Citizens' Environment Watch water quality monitoring program Look under 'projects'> 'School Projects' > 'Changing Currents'

4. Activity 1.3 Comparing Air Quality Across Canada

Thanks to Karen for this great update to the Activity. Clear directions for kids and more choice in collecting their data. I like it!! -- Lionel


A good section to build inquiry skills.... Any other ideas to post?