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The Gaia Hypothesis - watch these videos to get an appreciation of how every living and non-living thing on Earth is a part of a huge super system.

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Soil - soil contains organic matter, minerals, air, and water, and can sustain plant life throughout the world
Soil - get your hands dirty, or not, with this real and virtual activities
Soil - understanding soils can help to better understand and appreciate our land
  • Soil - a 2-minute description of soil and its importance to life
  • Soil Texture - this 2-minute YouTube video reviews the particles found in soils
Soil Components - it's not just dirt, its more complicated than you think!
  • SoilWeb: Learning About Soil Components - this University of British Columbia website is dedicated to telling the world about the importance of soil and its components. Be sure to investigate all the parts of the soil puzzle: minerals, organics, water, and air.
  • Soil - absolutely everything you could ever want to know about soil!
Soil Types - soil can be categorized into different types. This is important, as some soils are more sensitive to pollutants than others:

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Water - life is impossible without water, so we are fortunate water can be found almost everywhere
  • The Chemistry of Water - learn more about water as a solvent, ions, and acids and bases
  • The Water Cycle - click anywhere on the image found on this link to learn about that part of the water cycle
  • Acids and Bases are Everywhere - the strength of acids and bases depends on the amount of hydrogen and hydroxide ions produced when a substance dissolves in water
  • Water: Environment Canada - Canada contains much of the world's fresh water, but Canadians also use more water than those living in other countries
Water - these activities illustrate some fundamental concepts that make water such an important compound on Earth
  • Solubility - this interactive pH lab Java applet allows you to visualize the solubility of various salts (and it works on a Mac - we tested it for you)
  • pH Scale - this interactive pH lab Java applet allows you to visualize the pH of common substances by viewing ratios of H+ and OH- ions (and it works on a Mac - we tested it for you)

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Air - air contains the gases needed for cellular respiration and photosynthesis, and it makes up the protective atmosphere of Earth

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Activity 1.1: Determining Water Quality - test the water quality of three samples from three different sites.
  • A Fresh Outlook on Water - from Ontario's Ministry of the Environment.
  • Creek Connections - a fascinating collaborative project where American schools are measuring, collecting, and sharing waterway quality data over several years.

Community Submitted Resources:

1. Soil Composition Video (Currently MIA thanks to web changes at Natural Resources website - request for new info sent Feb 7, 2011)

For when the video returns (thanks to Errol Taggart)
Our Soil Video Answers by Errol Taggart

2. Soil Lab

3. Soil Composition worksheet:

4. There is a virtual Soil Lab on ELearning from the OERB
Log On to the OERB (Most boards have both student and teacher passwords and logins.)
Search for
Unit 1: Biology: Ecosystems and Human Activity; Activity 5: Humans...Good or Bad?

Select Assignment. Here you can do a virtual lab determining soil texture, percent organic matter and more. The handouts are available here also. Note that though this is a grade 10 activity it fits our soil investigation goal.

5. Soil Components What makes soil a particular texture, structure, colour, or density? (thanks to Monica Dvorak!)

Rock Composition and Erosion
This covers more about rocks then is required for this course, but if your students need an interactive, easy to understand, flash demonstration of erosion, and rock formation, then this could be a fantastic. It's simple, but I didn't find it too juvenile; I enjoyed it.


Jeopardy Game about some water basics. Includes a bit about conservation.

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